Who are we?

“Riyadh Najd General Contracting company” is a commercial entity that ensures quality in all its work, and gains customers’ trust by punctuality, achievement, and work continuity, under all circumstances, and finding solutions to problems, when they occur, while making sure to provide appropriate suggestions, to our customers, to improve the quality of the work in its final form, ensuring the integrity of the implementation plans, and the delivery of the required work on time, without delay.

For this reason, the company’s business flourished year after year, and was able to occupy a prestigious position in the field of general contracting, including design and construction, and other works.

We aspire to become at the forefront of the leading institutions in the Kingdom, in the field of contracting, to provide the highest levels of quality and modern technologies in this field.

To achieve the highest standards of quality and safety in: building, construction, renovation, raise the efficiency of buildings, and improve the quality of life inside, to implement the same 2030 vision related to quality of life.

From where the

Idea was inspired?

Before the launch of “Riyad Najd General Contracting company “, we studied the contracting market in the Kingdom well, and we noticed several problems that occur repeatedly, such as those related to the level of quality, and its decline, especially at the final delivery of the executed works, and the spread of reducing price culture, at the expense of quality.

There was another problem, which lay in: delaying the delivery of completed work to customers, consequently, additional financial burdens, usually borne by the buyer or the customer, and many problems arise as a result, which worsen with time, and are difficult to solve.

The third problem, which we monitored was related to competencies and working experiences. In many projects, there are no competencies capable of applying project management standards and controls, in modern, advanced, and professional ways.

From here came the launch of “Riyad Najd General Contracting company “, to become part of the solution, and establish a new experience of quality and perfection, that addresses existing problems, and elevates in the architectural field in general.